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Want to learn more about a facet of science with higher intensity? I am developing a series of courses for adults that range in science content from theory to applied science.

These courses will be small classes of 8-10 people. I will provide course materials as well as one on one instruction through ZOOM conferencing. Materials will include power points, publications, simulations, and multimedia. Each course is over 2 weeks for 10 sessions, 1 hour each – 5 days each week. Cost is $50 per course.

I am a certified teacher who has 5 years high school experience and 3 years university teaching experience. I am a published scientist in breast cancer research and have worked in industry science. Whether you want a referesher course or want to learn brand new things, come learn with me!

Course examples are below…

Critical Thinking – Using the scientific method in everyday life

Climate Change – the basics, the evidence, current research, how it affects society

Cognitive Bias – All of the biases and how they affect decision making

Biology Refresher – the basics of cell biology, characteristics of living things

Chemistry Refresher – the basics of atomic theory, the periodic table, groups, and trends

Thermodynamics – everything associated with the laws, how they are used, and misconceptions

Evolution – the theory explained, common misconceptions, the evidence

Genetics – science history, the basics of DNA (transcription, translation, replication), reproduction in living things, mutation, applications in science

Cancer – basics of cancer, various types, risk factors, current treatments, myths, direction of research

Science Communication – how to communicate science effectively, validating sources, presenting content

Scientific Papers – how to read a scientific paper, the process of peer review, checking data

Spectroscopy – the basics, instruments involved, applications in science research and industry

Class availability, dates, and times will be based on enrollment and number of students. If you have ideas for courses, please feel free to leave them in the comments!

Registration is open! Register below with the course and time you are available for class!

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