Ways to donate to my efforts:




Those who choose patreon to donate to my efforts receive exclusive access to artwork (both digital and prints), videos, as well as early access to my audio podcast!

Things to note…

  • I never charge for my content that I make.
  • Anyone is welcome to use it to help spread scientific literacy and boost appreciation of it.
  •  It takes a lot of time and I do 95% of the work myself…including actively engaging with people online and in person.
  •  I am reinvesting all of the patreon contributions thus far to develop a website and podcast free to anyone which is also appropriate for 13 yrs old +.

My overall goal

  • Provide materials and be available to help educate the general public about science and boost critical thinking once again both online and in person.
  • Offer fun, approachable, informative and innovative ways to boost science literacy and appreciation both online (podcasts, video streaming, social media) and in person.
  • Give back to the research community when I can to show my colleagues in science they matter too.
  • Start a publicly accessible science conference/convention series that is fun for both young and older adults…allowing all facets of science and communicators to boost literacy.

I reinvest any funds I receive into developing a stronger base with ample sources of information for science enthusiasts, teachers, universities, as well as anyone who wants to learn about science.

I love doing this and hope to continue to generate original content as well as educate others.

Thank You,