Test your knowledge on what science says about Santa and his ability to travel the world in one night! Don’t forget to download your certificate when you are finished!

Quiz below!

Santa travels the entire world in one night. He could conceivably do this if he managed to shrink space time in front of him and expand it behind him. Which theory would allow this?
Which branch of physics would study Santa (if he managed to gain this ability) to travel quickly involving particles that can tunnel through barriers (because their position isn’t a definite point but a wave spread out over space)?
If Santa had the ability to replicate his sleigh and send it to various countries allowing for tech to generate sleighs and possibly toys to deliver to every home...which physicist most likely would have helped him given his ideas for space travel?
What would the minimum speed of Santa's sleigh be in order to make his trip around the world in one night?
Super Challenge Question! (Requires you to convert lbs to grams and use the E=mc^2 equation)

If there are 350 million children in the world and each child gets about 2 lbs of toys...what would the energy calculation be in order to meet the speed of light allowing Santa to hypothetically time travel?

(we are ignoring the weight of the sled, Santa, and the reindeer).
Given the sheer weight of toys (2 lbs per child and 350 million children) and making a general assumption of a single reindeer being able to pull appx. 300 lbs on land (we are ignoring friction)...What is the approximate minimum number of reindeer needed to pull Santa's sleigh? (We are ignoring the weight of the sleigh and Santa)
Given Santa has the ability to fit into chimneys seemingly to defy physics by manipulating mass, a thought might be that he is mostly fluff and fur but not full of traditional human mass. What other animals are similar to Santa in this regard of fitting into small spaces?
In regards to Rudolph's nose, the song says it is shiny. "Shiny" does not make for a good fog lamp, why?
If Santa is able to travel at the speed of light, what would the inherent problem be that he would need to overcome in order to not die?
What do you wish Santa could bring to the world?

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