Time to test your knowledge of food science! Questions are listed below. If you don’t know the answer, that’s OK! Pick the 4th just for fun. 😀

Welcome to your STT-Food Science

1. The biological macromolecule that provides the most energy per gram is ____________.
2. Which is the nutrient content for grains?
3. In 1996, folate was added to milled grains causing a 30-70% decline in ________.
4. How is a simple carbohydrate different from a complex carbohydrate?
6. There are 7 approved "sugar substitutes". Which one is missing from the list?

1. saccharin
2. aspartame
3. acesulfame-K
4. stevia
5. neotame
6. luo han guo fruit extract
7. The "browning" reaction that occurs when heating proteins and sugars is called ________. (Can happen with storage and often increases flavor intensity)
8. If starch and fiber both come from plants, why can our bodies break down starch and not fiber?
9. Below are a set of fats. One is saturated and the other is unsaturated. What distinct quality separates saturated fats from unsaturated in regards to our "heart health"?

10. The average American consumes how much sugar per day?

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Leaderboard for STT-Food Science

1. M-90%
2. g-80%
3. g-80%
4. -80%
5. None-70%

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