Hello my Science Lovers!

In order to achieve science communication goals raising scientific literacy while giving back to science research, I am doing a pledge drive to gain more $1 patrons while raising funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and running their 5K fundraiser in September. Not only do I want to boost interest and literacy in science, but a few times a year I want to raise funds to contribute towards organizations that work to help our make our world better.

$1 monthly patrons MATTER. I reinvest any funds I receive into developing a stronger base with ample sources of information for science enthusiasts, teachers, universities, as well as anyone who wants to learn about science.

Starting today through the  month of September, for every $1 patron I receive, I will donate that $1 to St. Jude…the final total being a month’s worth of patreon pledges donated to St. Jude*. These funds will be used to work towards cutting edge treatments for children with cancer.

Things to note…

I never charge for my content that I make.

Anyone is welcome to use it to help spread scientific literacy and boost appreciation of it.

It takes a lot of time and I do 95% of the work myself…including actively engaging with people online and in person.

This is my only job at the moment.

I am reinvesting all of the patreon contributions thus far to develop a website and podcast free to anyone which is also appropriate for 13 yrs old +.

My overall goal

Provide materials and be available to help educate the general public about science and boost critical thinking once again both online and in person.

Offer fun, approachable, informative and innovative ways to boost science literacy and appreciation both online (podcasts, video streaming, social media) and traveling.

Give back to the research community when I can to show my colleagues in science they matter too.

So if you can, please be a $1 patron for me so I can show you and others how much your $1 means not just to me but to scientists actively researching. While many people think $1 a month is not that much, from an abundance of people it makes a substantial difference.

Thank you to my current patrons who jumped aboard immediately and continue to support me. You matter. Your contributions are being reinvested to provide a bigger space for a voice in science. I actively update rewards for all of my patrons.

Thank you for Reading,

Scientist Mel

You can sign up here to be a monthly $1 patron on my patreon account ->  ScientistMel

You can contact me via wordpress or on Twitter

For more information -> St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital



*A word on St. Jude…they have raised the survival rate of childhood cancer from 20% to 80%. St. Jude is world renowned for their emerging treatments of cancer. They never charge families for treatments for their children. They share their knowledge with other hospitals to help eradicate childhood cancer. Doctors from all over the world train at St. Jude learning new treatments and technologies to help children diagnosed with cancer.

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