Hello world! I have a BS in Biology, BS in chemistry, an MAT in Secondary Science Education, and recently an MS in Analytical Chemistry. You can find more of my credentials here.

In an effort to raise scientific awareness and literacy, I have a live streaming podcast video show called “The Science Of_____” where you, the viewer, tell me what you want to discuss and learn. It is completely viewer driven in content. I am starting an audio podcast called #HeyScientistMel where I discuss all of the sciencey things and take your questions! It will be going live soon!

I am here to answer your questions on all science topics! You may contact me here, twitter, periscope, and on Facebook. In the current atmosphere where “alternative facts”, misconceptions, and misunderstanding of science is rampant, I want to help show the joy of science, the honor of scientific truth, and spark the passionate curiosity we all were born with and some have forgotten. Let’s learn together!

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