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#HeyScientistMel Podcast Slides

HeyScientistMel Episode1

 HeyScientistMel Episode2


Hey ScientistMel Episode4

HeyScientistMel Episode5

HeyScientistMel Episode6

The Science Of Powerpoint Slides

The Science of Gene Editing

The Science Of Scifi

The Science of The Big Bang

The Science Of The Scientific Method

The Science Of Cannabis

The Science Of Flat Earthers

The Science Of Cognitive Bias

The Science Of Etch A Cell

The Science Of HIV, History, and Immunity

The Science Of Autism Spectrum

Natural Selection -Scientist Mel Shorts

The Science Of Vaccines

The Science Of Pseudoscience

Black Holes Aren’t Black

The Science of Placebo and Nocebo

The Science Of Relativity

The Science Of Climate Change

The Science Of Cybernetics

Peer Review Shorts

The Science Of Rollercoasters

The Science Of Twins

The Science Of Women In STEM

The Science Of Sex vs Gender

The Science of High IQ and Mental Illness

Biology Resources (Lecture Slides)

Characteristics of Life


Relationships, Diversity, and Behavior

Inquiry – easier

Inquiry – challenging

Biochemistry 1

Biochemistry 2

Cell Theory 1

Plasma Membrane and Cell Transport

Cell Theory 1 – challenging

Cell Theory 2 – challenging

Cell Theory 3 – challenging

Cell Growth

Cell Cycle Regulation

DNA Structure

DNA – challenging

DNA Replication

Protein Synthesis


Mutations and Gene Regulation

Gene Technology

Origins of Life


Biology Activities

Cell Size Lab

Cell Size Activity

Alien Cell Story

Project Options

The Cracker Experiment

The 4 Structures of Protein



Graphic OrganizerBiomolecules

Fossil Investigation

Biological Molecule Indicators

Cell membrane coloring worksheet

Prokaryote coloring

Pedigree Problems

Pedigree practice worksheet



Cellular Transport worksheet

Blood Type Problems


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